7 Personal Blog Ideas to Create an Online Hit

If you believe that the most interesting personal blog topics have already been used, I have bad news for you: yes, they do. Just try googling “personal blog about” plus whatever idea you may have, and it will show hundreds (if not thousands) of personal blog examples covering well your chosen topic. Indeed, creating a differential personal blog does not seem to be a reasonable challenge in the middle of so much content, in some cases already with millions of followers and loyal readers.

However, new personal website examples arise everyday, with articles that are liked, shared and commented by a number of people! So, what do they do to create new online hits in such a competitive environment?

So, just check below 7 great personal blog ideas that will allow you to differentiate your content among so many other popular sites!

Two-Niche Combo

Instead of writing about a specific topic, why not specializing your blog in a mix of two niches that you enjoy? This is makes for the best personal blogs.

personal blog ideas

You can find zillions of personal blog examples about geeks content. There are also countless samples of websites about fitness. But Steve Kamb combined both topics to “turn life into one giant video game” and Nerd Fitness was born.

So, which are the two topics would you like to come together to make your blog one of the best personal websites? How can you combine them, to achieve a very specific, but quite loyal, target market?

New Experiences

Try something completely new and blog about it. A lot of the popular personal blog sites hinge on this idea.

Blogs are normally written by experts in a specific topic. A gardening expert will write about home gardens, an experienced entrepreneur may illustrate relevant information about how to to build a company and a senior driver posts about the experience of driving luxury cars.

But what about the fresh perspective of a newcomer? How am I going to feel the first time I try a new experience?

Indeed, a blog describing your new discoveries (either learning kickboxing, building your own company or having your first kid), besides getting much closer to your public, would bring a new (and probably funny) perspective about the new events in your life, and could probably be split into several episodes.

That's what Lesley found out when she decided to create her Bucket List Publications, including a number of entertainment experiences, trips all over the world and adventures in the air, land and water. Now she's got one of the best personal blog sites.

So, which new experiences would you be willing to try and tell everyone about?

For Dummies

Writing about a challenging topic in a simple way is a popular way to shoot your website among the top personal blog sites.

People have really got more than enough expert content about any topic you can imagine. Medicine new treatments, latest discoveries in quantum physics, software development techniques, ...

However, what if you could write about any topic you really know about, but in a very simple way, so that your text would be suitable for other target markets?

If the explanations and wording are well focused, your blog would be strategically positioned between the expert high level sources (not really achievable to most people) and the many basic (but also unreliable) websites. That's the main focus of a group of physician-mothers who created Mothers in Medicine.

Personal Challenges

Willing to overcome a big challenge? So, why not bringing the world to watch you?

Who else could bring a better perspective about how you are trying to overcome a personal challenge than you? So, just try a new challenge every month and write about it. Lots of people would be eager to read your blog and either celebrate your victories, or make fun with your inevitable failures (yes, people also love failure stories!).

Michelle Poler, for example, was a quite fearful girl, who decided to face her most terrifying fears and document it in 100DaysWithoutFear, so that she could serve as an example to other people who are missing their lifes due to extreme fears and phobias.

Unusual Perspective

Bring a completely new point of view to your blog.

If you are exhausted of regular blogs about sport competitions, what about trying to write with the unusual (and quite often forgotten) perspective of the referee?

The same concept may apply to many other topics. A blog about pregnancy in which the baby narrates his/her experience while in the womb, pet food reviews by the pets themselves, … the possibilities are endless and unexplored! While this style is much more common in popular films or best-selling books, just a few examples of personal website ideas can be found, such as It's a Dog's Life.

But, what about you? Which different perspectives can you bring to your blog?

Showing How To

Replace direct selling by detailed orientation.

Whilst countless blogs will show you reviews of each brand of shoes, The Sneaker Factory will illustrate and explain how they are produced, and the pros and cons of each production process, so that you can analyze and choose your future sneakers by yourself.

Healthier cosmetics components, lighter surfboards, more efficient machines, … Just think about any product you understand its production process, its advantages and its disadvantages. Each time more people would like to understand what is behind the products they buy, so that instead of reading other customer's reviews, they can decide by themselves which product is more suitable for their needs and preferences.

Other Differential Aspects

If not by the content itself, use other differentiators.

A successful blog may retain people's attention in several ways. Whilst the content plays a crucial role in differentiating a blog, don't limit yourself and start considering the many other aspects that may also significantly contribute to build your online hit, such as quite creative blog names or innovative website formats.

personal blog ideas

For example, to let people know about their CVs and areas of expertise, Gary Le Masson has chosen to emulate Google website, while John Fang has used his outstanding pictures from his trips.

So, in Conclusion...

By using these personal blog ideas, there are still plenty of opportunities to differentiate your blog from the crowd and to make it a real online hit! And remember that combining these different personal ideas with other broader recommendations is also a really valid option, that could bring even better results for you and a much more interesting blog for your readers.


Marcus Pequeno