Top 5 Blog Writing Software

Once a cute hobby, today blogging is a serious and respectable profession that needs proper tools to make it right. Just face it: you can’t know everything, and that’s why using necessary software is the first answer in the FAQ about blogging.

Of course, every blogger has their own useful toolbox because everyone’s journey is individual. However, in this article, we gathered the most popular and thus basic software that should establish a fundament of your toolbox. So, let’s look at these programs and tools and see how they will help you achieve success in blogging.


Have you ever seen those unfortunate mistakes in Google Ads? I bet the creators of this ad never used Grammarly, though they really should have. But you will not make this mistake!

Before you even wonder how to start blogging by yourself, you need to upload Grammarly, just for your personal needs. It helps you avoid basic grammar mistakes in letters, mundane texting, and online conversations. Grammarly Premium has more features, and it helps a writer to take its craft to another level. It checks punctuation, word misuse, helps to correct grammatical errors, and many more.

Grammarly can be especially useful if you are doing blogging for business because every typo can be a horrible stain on your reputation. Misleading your clients is a huge no-no in the business world, and typos can surely do that.

Google Docs

It is like having a notepad online, but so much better! Google Docs is a free addition to your Gmail account that has all of the basic advantages of Microsoft Office, but it is totally free.

You can create not only text documents but also presentations, forms, and charts using Google Docs. The files you have created save the history of changes, and if you want to see what you added into a particular file two weeks ago, you can do it!

 Multiple users can use Google Docs, and depending on the authorization rights, you will be able to edit, read, or leave comments in the document. You can choose who will see your documents, and if you don’t want the world to know anything about it, your Google Docs are safe and unreachable on Microsoft servers.

Google gives every Gmail user 15GB on Google Disc for personal data, and if you are a blogger, it will be more than enough for all your writings and personal information, saved in Google Docs.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Despite our deep and infinite affection for the written word, we need to understand and accept that words only, without any visual information, can be simply boring for most users.

We live in an age when videos are on the top of the informational pyramid, and creating videos is important for a blog of any kind. However, if you don’t have the proper equipment or your blog is about presentations and educational information, you can use screen recording software to create visual additions to your blog.

Just use Movavi Screen Recorder when you visualize stuff you’re writing about on your screen, add voiceover, and you have a video! Also, you can invite guests via Zoom and record these meetings for everyone who couldn’t be present during the original run. In a word, Movavi Screen Recorder opens a whole new world of opportunities to add a unique visual side to your blog and attract even more people to your work.


A professional blog should be both a masterpiece of writing and a true jewel of a website. Unfortunately, most of us will more likely read your stuff only if graphics templates for your videos, presentations or social media posts are top-notch and beautiful.

At the end of the day, people are visual creatures, we love nice-looking stuff, and we are interested in the words of wisdom only after receiving an amazing visual component of the post.

In this case, Canva, an absolutely fabulous website with free templates for every occasion, is a perfect place to go. It has thousands of incredible free templates that can be used in presentations, blogs, video clips, Instagram and Facebook posts, etc. You even can use some of the templates to create wedding invitations!

When you use Canva, you get access to high-quality visuals that will make your blog just irresistible and your words more attractive to the audience. Visual content is everything nowadays, so use Canva to make your blog look impeccable.


Managing a couple of blogging sites and accounts (or even one, if you are at the start of your blogger career) needs a sharp focus and good organizational skills. But, it is not a secret that many of us terribly lack them.

So, to help you with organizing your work and making a clear plan for your career, we offer you to use Evernote. This amazing tool is perfect for a passionate writer who is too much into their craft to notice other little things around.

In Evernote’s great notepad, you can write down your thoughts, do research, save ideas and tabs, and scan important files. It is like a second memory that keeps your stuff organized even if you can’t.

Evernote is an accessible tool, and its excellent basic features are absolutely free to use! It is a must-have if you have problems with focusing and keep forgetting important stuff all the time. Even on a free plan, Evernote offers a lot, but if you want to use more of its features, it will cost not more than a cup of coffee a month.


Professional writing apps and programs are the key components that will help you perform blogging strategies and promote your work.

Their help will allow you to master the craft of writing and transfer you from a level of regular scribbler to a truly established professional. Good luck!


Rylie Holt