Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tips That Have Taken The World By Storm!

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Social media platforms have been bridging the gap between nations, connecting people across the world. But other than the recreational appeal these effective networking sites are now also used for marketing and brand promotion. Yes, social network is an excellent platform for fishing customers! With their fun, interactive, attractive interface and mass appeal, social media is a rising marketing tool for budding web entrepreneurs. Discussed below are the top 7 social media marketing tips to boost your business:

1. Be active on social media forums

The best and most obvious way of reaching more people is by being active on the various social networking sites. Maintaining a strong web presence goes a long way in establishing a solid brand value among customers. From offering lucrative offers on Facebook to encouraging users to subscribe via email you can do it all here! This not only widens your audience base but also helps you manage and channelize the traffic.

Bonus Tip:

Although social media has spread almost everywhere there are countries where it is blocked or banned due to some political or social policies. You can reach the viewers of such countries as well using the various effective VPNs (virtual private network) that ensure a secretive network that cannot be traced.

2. Brevity is smart!

No one has the time or patience to read through lengthy blogs and complicated content. Therefore posting long and heavily worded articles won’t do you any good, the users are looking for impressive short and catchy content that is easy to understand. Present your product as concisely as possible. Networking sites such as Twitter only give you 140 characters to put forth an opinion, also websites such as Tumblr and Instagram support visual content that adds on to your product’s charm.

3. Focus on quality not quantity:

While posting consistently is effective, bombarding your readers with constant updates by the minute can be irritating. Also most of the content is just promotional- ads and taglines that compel users to check out your product. The trick is to maintain a delicate balance, don’t overwhelm the readers with too many posts; also consider the quality of the posts before you publish them. A healthy mix of promotional and casual content is better.

4. Create a LinkedIn account:   

LinkedIn offers amateur and established businessmen a great marketing opportunities that allow them to target the desired market and take the appropriate steps in connecting with it. By creating your own LinkedIn profile you can expand your enterprise reaching out to the potential customers who now have direct channel to talk to you. Customise the options, add images, videos and increase your following in the virtual world.

5. Fast action on feedback

Social media is just not the hunting ground for prospective customers but also a wonderful platform for getting some valuable feedback. The customer grievances or praises are visible to all in the comments section. This not only provides useful tips and shuns light on the problem areas but also adds on to your brand power. Quick and effective actions on the feedback further strengthen customer relations.

6. Analyse the stats

You can check the stats of your page or website online, tracking your growth and customer reach as well. This helps you estimate future policies for the company and is a much needed boost of confidence for a web entrepreneur. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter provide valuable insights and statistic information that tells you all about what’s working and what isn’t.

7. No time like the present!

The ever increasing appeal of social media has made it a lucrative platform for web entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and earn more profit. Build solid customer relations and entertain your audience with the engaging but informative content. Don’t be intimated by the intense competition, your uniqueness is your USP!

Advantages of social media marketing:

Listed below are some perks of social network marketing.

  • Instant popularity and brand recognition
  • Better opportunities for business expansion
  • Higher revenue rates and turnover
  • Cost effective and time saving

Now, you know those tips and advantages, it’s time for action.


Mauricio Prinzlau

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