5 Great Free Homeschool Tips

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The idea of educating your children at home is wonderful but without the right practical support it can easily turn into a disaster. Therefore, many busy parents are left wondering how to find the no cost homeschool resources and help that they need in order to give their kids the useful education that they need.

The good news is that there are a number of excellent resources out there that are easy to use as well as letting you homeschool for free. The following are some of the best tips that I have come across while working out how to homeschool my own 3 kids as best I can.

Find Free Curriculum Material

You don’t need to have an up to date and encyclopaedic knowledge of the current curriculum in order to teach your children about the most important subjects they need to learn. These days, you can find everything that you need on the internet.

The free homeschool curriculum material you will find online ranges from history to music and literature. For example, you will find everything you need to teach your children at home using the Charlotte Mason method, the Waldorf method, or any other approach you want to use.

Finding the right material for the curriculum is your very first step, as this will allow you to take a structured approach to the matter right from the start. In some cases, you can use a smartphone or tablet app instead of computer, if it suits you better to do it in this way.

Download Printable Games and Quizzes

Other fantastic no cost homeschool material can be found with the massive amount of games and quizzes that you can download. These cover all sorts of subjects and are ideal for adding some fun and some color to your classes.

I like to check out different games each month and download different types each time, to keep it fresh and fun. Word puzzles, grammar quizzes, mazes, and other material of this type really add to the sense of fun for both the parent and the child.

The rapid increase in the number of homeschooling families means that resources like this are becoming ever more popular and more common.

Use Math Worksheets

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If you are like me then there are sure to be some subjects that you are stronger on than others. Some parents choose to homeschool for free because they are experienced teaching professionals but many of us are simply enthusiastic amateurs.

One of the subjects that can be especially daunting for parents is math. If you are worried about getting it wrong then you will definitely be interested in the free homeschool math worksheets that are available online.

These handy worksheets are designed to make it quick and easy for any mom or dad to give their child useful lessons in this most valuable subject.

Add Religious Education for Free

Of course, it is down to every parent to decide whether to add some religious education to their child’s homeschooling classes. Personally, I like the idea of adding some religious context to their lessons. I feel that this will allow them to make their own decisions in the future on this matter.

There are plenty of free online homeschool resources online for you to add religious lessons to your curriculum in the way that best suits you and your child.

For instance, there are homeschool methods that have religious material at the forefront of the teaching. However, there are also other approaches that simply add in religion as an additional subject.

Check Out What Other Parents Are Doing

Finally, one of the great fears of many parents in this situation is around whether they are doing things in the right way. I know that at the start I was terrified of missing out on important lessons or of teaching things in the wrong way.

It doesn’t help when you are very busy and feel that you can’t dedicate as much time to the homeschooling as you would like.

Thankfully, there are also online resources such as forums that can help you to see what other parents are doing in the same situation. This helps you to exchange ideas, clear up any doubts and feel as though you aren’t in it alone.

What to Do Next

If you are serious about taking the next step and teaching your children at home then it is now easier than ever before to do this. You just need to get started by looking at the different sites that are online and choosing which ones to use. In no time at all you can have all of the material you need and start giving valuable, professional lessons that give your child a fantastic start in life. Homeschooling is just about the most satisfying thing you can do as a parent and is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give.

Terry Robinson

Terry is a stay at home mom, who home schools her 3 children. She leads a busy life trying to squeeze in hobbies such as reading and exercise between soccer practice and other activities.