5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring for your special someone is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. One of today’s most trendy engagement ring styles is vintage, but finding the right vintage ring can be a task. There are many different styles, as evidenced by this selection from the antique jeweler The Three Graces, and your sweetheart might have her heart set on something in particular.

The perfect vintage engagement ring could symbolize a love that lasts, while the wrong one could start a marriage on rocky footing.

Here are some things you should consider before choosing a ring:

  1. Know what your special someone likes.  

Does she like her rings large and flashy or more understated? How about preferences for the cut and style? Does she like yellow gold, silver, white gold, or platinum? Does she want a diamond, a ruby, or some other stone as the center jewel?

Looking at different styles can help you define this. For example, she might like the Georgian style, which has a lacy finish. Or there’s retro jewelry, which tends to be larger with more dominant stones. She may also like a myriad of stones, like the Edwardian style.

If you’re not sure what she likes, peek at her Pinterest page. You could also talk to her friends, who may have looked at rings with her. If she doesn’t mind missing out on the surprise, just take her shopping with you!

  1. Is it important for the ring to be vintage or can it be a vintage style?

A true vintage ring will have been made 20-30 years ago. It will probably be used and refurbished to look new, and it can come with a hefty price tag. It’s well worth it if the “something old” she wants at her wedding is the ring, however.

New rings can be created with a vintage style (for a more affordable price), and nobody’s the wiser. If your sweetheart is only concerned about the style, this can be a smarter choice.

  1. What’s your budget?

Knowing how much you can spend will help you decide where to look. Like today’s rings, there will be a large price range for true vintage or vintage-styled rings. Size isn’t everything when pricing a ring, but it is a factor. The color and cut of the stone, as well as the material used for the setting, will also define the price.

You could finance through a jewelry store, a credit card, or your bank, but is it wise to go into debt at the beginning of your marriage? If you do, the payments should be within your budget.

  1. Consider the lifestyle of your significant other.

A person who works in an office, does her nails often, and does little work with her hands probably wants a different style than someone who loves to work in the garden, do handyman jobs, or chase kids. For the first, any style of ring will probably be fine, but you might lean toward flashier styles with larger stones.

For the busy woman, a ring with a large solitaire diamond will be more likely to get caught and fall off. She would rather have a ring with low-profile diamonds. A simple, circular ring without a stone may be closer to her preference. The Victorian era style, which often features intricate metal work on a beautiful circular band, could be ideal for her busy lifestyle.

  1. Will the style you choose stand the test of time?

You might think that choosing a vintage ring means it’ll stay in style for the next 50 years of wedded bliss. However, that’s not always the case. Many vintage ring styles are loud and gaudy, a style that goes in and out of popularity. Although it’s nice to have a ring your spouse loves forever, rings can always be updated or changed if your loved one changes her mind later, like on your 25th anniversary.

Most importantly, a true vintage ring should have the structural integrity to last. Most rings are sturdy enough that this isn’t a problem, but old rings can have hidden structural damage that come with age. Have an expert jeweler do an inspection and size the jewelry, if necessary, to ensure it maintain its integral structure.

There are other considerations when choosing the ideal ring for your special someone, but these five tips are a good starting point. The main goal is to buy a ring that she will enjoy wearing for the duration of your love. By understanding both vintage styles and her personal preferences, you can find a ring within your budget that she’ll enjoy for years to come.


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