Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources: How Can They Work Together?

Most likely you have an HR team in your company, and you’re familiar with how much work goes into human resource management, and how tough it can be to hire and keep the right specialists. While there isn’t a magic pill to tackle all the HR issues and get the workforce you need, modern technology can definitely provide some effective solutions to the most painful HR management problems that businesses face. The name of this technology is artificial intelligence. From recruitment to performance management to retention – by integrating AI-based solutions in the HR workflow you can significantly improve the performance of your HR team and get the results you’re looking for. Below, you will find some details and a hands-on description of how AI and HR can work together.

What’s AI again?

Today, artificial intelligence is an all-embracing innovation that you can implement in numerous fields including human resources. The magical essence of AI veils a variety of algorithms that work with big data. Any software company that deals with artificial intelligence including outline that algorithms built with this technology are free of human touch. In practice, that gives an unbiased approach to data processing, as well as the increased accuracy of analysis or predictions to be made. The range of functionality that AI enables includes speech recognition, image identification, understanding of user’s behavior, predictive analytics, and others. These features make AI a great solution when it comes to dealing with tasks that take humans hours to complete.

AI’s Role in HR

Your HR department might have processes in place that they have been following for years. The steps that go into searching, hiring, and retaining employees are just as time-consuming and challenging as they were 10 years ago. Well, with AI that’s going to change.

In general, the work of a regular HR department rests upon three pillars we already mentioned – searching, hiring, and retaining the workforce. In more details, each of these activities consists of numerous tasks that can benefit from AI’s follow-on capability to assess and predict. Just imagine a powerful system that looks at candidate-related information such as their job experience, practical skills, test completion, interviews, social activity to make a verdict whether a candidate is worth your attention or not. Analysing these data takes hours of HR specialists’ work. AI-based systems spend several seconds to complete the same task. The search is followed by hiring, which can be optimized by AI involvement in onboarding process where HR manager’s trivial tasks can be assigned to digital assistants. Eventually, a deep analysis of employees’ job satisfaction can timely reveal troubling signs of churn. AI will give a helping hand in retaining your workforce and creating the most favorable conditions to fulfill employees’ potential.

AI use cases in HR

Praising the implementation of AI in human resources without a hands-on example is akin to learning to swim out of the water. For this reason, let’s take a look at some use cases that already benefit from AI-based startups in the HR space.

Candidate Acquisition

Certain hot vacancies can attract hundreds or even thousands of applicants. Experience shows that a significant part of seekers do not match the specified requirements and apply their CVs anyway. HR managers, in turn, have to process tons of applications and dissipate their focus on out-of-range ones. With AI recruiting solutions, you can improve this process to filter eligible candidates to work with and even predict which candidate is a good fit for your company. A good example is Entelo, a startup that pushes up the HR efficiency by means of AI and predictive analysis. This recruiting platform has a powerful search engine and advanced filters to diversify the hiring funnel. Entelo can not only say whether a candidate is worthwhile, but also define the right expectations in the recruitment process by exploring the marketplace of talents.

Employee retention

Statistically, to retain high-class employees is as challenging as to recruit them. On that account, many companies pay extra attention to this area of focus. The key tasks here include predicting which employee is likely to leave and reversing the situation. Artificial intelligence has much to offer in this respect. Computer activity of personnel including emails, browsing history, and even keystrokes are valuable information for AI systems that shape normal activity patterns and detect deviances. For example, a workforce engagement platform called Legion leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze employee satisfaction and keep them engaged. The tool provides automated matching and workforce scheduling, real-time analytics, and other superb solutions to improve labor efficiency and avoid employee churn. This forecasting technology is an all-embracing helping hand for HR departments to shift retention management to a higher level.

Tasks automation

The routine tasks of HR specialists are time-consuming enough. For example, instead of dedicating time to employees, HR specialists have to be involved in the monotonous activities like ticketing, niggling with dashboards, scheduling meetings, answering emails and other stuff. These are needed, but wouldn’t it be better to assign them to a digital assistant and focus on creative tasks? AutomationEdge is of the same mind and offers AI-based solutions to automate a bunch of your daily mundane tasks. Here you can find ready bots and digital assistants for employee onboarding/offboarding, data management, payroll processing, applicant sourcing, etc. Such tasks as candidate reviews, processing notifications, data preparation for newly employed, and many others can be assigned to smart algorithms that have a decent completion rate and are hugely time-efficient.

Employee performance monitoring

Another significant benefit, which you can get with artificial intelligence, is the capability to monitor and forecast employee performance. Performance management is the core activity to reduce employee turnover and increase retention rate. When you know the potential of your team, you can channel it efficiently to get the most out of them. With people in mind, the Starmind company offers an AI-based solution that gives access to your employees’ expertise and levels up their productivity. The software uses machine learning algorithms to create a dynamic knowledge base with real-time access for your workforce. For example, some of your team members have a specific question. The problem is who to ask to get the best answer. Starmind provides a solution that leverages the principles of artificial neural network and redirects the question to the employee with the most appropriate expertise. Such performance analysis enables to fulfill each employee’s potential and detect those who need additional motivation to cheer up.

Wrap Up

The range of AI capabilities in human resources is not limited to the above-mentioned use cases. You are welcome to discover your specific way to leverage the technology and make your HR activities more efficient.



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