Baking With Freeze-Dried Fruits


Dried fruits for a sweet cake. ©

Freeze dried fruits are a great cooking ingredient to have in your kitchen cupboards. If you stock up on the dried apple, mango, pear, apricots, raisins and other items in the Paradise Fruits range, you can get really creative with your home baking.

Why you Should use Freeze Dried Fruit in Your Everyday Baking

Not only does freeze dried fruit have an intense sweetness, the low moisture content is also helpful for bakers. If you use fresh fruit in your cakes, tarts or other baked items, they can spoil much more quickly. Because freeze dried fruits contain less moisture, they also tend to leech out less into their surroundings, keeping your sponge cake pure and fluffy. Moreover, they also contain almost as many nutrients as fresh fruits.

We know that using freeze dried fruits in your baking makes sense. The real question is, what can you do with them?

Add Freeze Dried Fruit to Your Baking Creations

If you love to bake your own bread, why not think about adding apricots or cranberries to your loaves? Bakers have been adding dried fruits to their products for hundreds of years, and it adds a lovely sweet touch to the finished product that will brighten up your breakfast.
Freeze dried items can also be easily added to cookie dough instead of (or alongside) chocolate chips, adding a few extra nutrients and a fruity touch. They work well in scones and can add an extra dimension to your muffins and shortbread too. Try adding a few dried strawberries to your next batch or whip up a brightly coloured topping using our freeze dried fruit powders.

Make any Dessert Summery With Freeze Dried Fruit

When the sun shines, what could be better than Eton mess or a delicious creamy, custard-filled trifle? Well, how about adding a topping of freeze dried summer fruits to add a little something extra? Dried strawberries work beautifully in any creamy summer desserts, and you can have them in your cupboard on hand for whenever you need them. They can even be added to the dinner table to guests can add their own.
When you need a nutrient injection after playing sport or getting home from work, freeze dried fruit is a fantastic ingredient to have around the house. Add it to a veg and fruit-rich smoothie to make it even sweeter and increase its healthy anti-oxidant concentrations at the same time.

Make Perfect Pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Then there are pancakes. Stacks and stacks of pancakes covered in maple syrup and cream. Freeze dried fruits are an ideal standby to sprinkle on top or fold into the center of your pancakes. Within seconds you can have a filling, fruity dessert to round off your meal. What could be better?

If you find yourself needing an extra ingredient for your baking masterpieces, you can stock up on all kinds of freeze dried fruits by Paradise Fruits. From kiwis and bananas to British summer fruits, our selection will have a finishing touch for any dessert.



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