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Google introduces Video Ads

This week, after long anticipation, Google launched their video ads for both advertisers and publishers. In the Adwords menu, advertisers can choose to use video ads now to increase the exposure of the product. For an Adsense user, how the process works is quite simple. You must firstly opt to have both text and image […]

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My Blogtrepreneuring Habits!

This week at Problogger, Darren Rowse has highlighted the need for a blogging rhythm when it comes to writing posts, checking emails and the like. So I thought I would do my own mini-version of how I divide my time up each day. Now unfortunately for me, I am not able to blog full time, […]

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What are Adbrite and Text Link Ads

If you’ve been following Blogtrepreneur for a while, you will have noticed the constant changes that I make to the site to optimize performance and to make reading my articles enjoyable and profitable! As well as adding channels to my Google Ads, I have also attempted to sign up with the publisher programs at AdBrite […]

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How often do you post on your blog?

I was reading a great post by Darren Rowse (a.k.a. Problogger), about how he spends his time blogging, and the rhythm he uses on a day-to-day basis when writing new articles. He writes: “A year or so ago I used to spend a higher percentage of the time I dedicated to blogging actually writing content. […]

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Yahoo Publisher Network

Throughout all of my posts here at Blogtrepreneur, I have always referred to Google Adsense as the major and best program for PPC campaigns. However, I there are others which have begun to gather publicity and more users, one of such is Yahoo Publisher Network or YPN for short. In effect, YPN has the same […]

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Google adds new Referrals and Graphics

While I was browsing through my Adsense account, I noticed that Google had added new referral products. Among the Adsense, Adwords and Firefox schemes, you can now refer people to Google Pack and Picassa, which is a photo sharing program. For each person you refer to Google Pack you get a $2 commission whilst referring […]

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