How to Cultivate your Presence of Mind in 10 Ways

pen-idea-bulb-paperAn intelligent person is welcomed and appreciated by everyone. Thanks to his presence of mind that makes him stand out in the crowd.

Be it your personal or your professional life, having a right presence of mind will always help you in keeping away from uninvited troubles. It will also help you in focusing more on your goals and you’ll be able to handle every situation with a relaxed mind.

Well, today I’ll share with you the top 10 ways of cultivating your presence of mind and excelling in every aspect of life.

#1 Learn to Observe Things around you

Anybody can develop the presence of mind by concentrating on their work. It is significant to observe things around you for better and clear perspective.

A distracted mind denotes the low presence of mind. Lack of it can land you in trouble and might prove to you as a serious disaster.

#2 Live in the Present

Living on the brink to meet everyone’s expectation isn’t life, but living in the present moment is the mantra of life.

No matter how hard it is to handle your professional affairs, you need to be calm and enjoy your present rather than being sniffed off from your past or being worried about your future.

#3 Listen to Seek more and more Information  

Listening patiently to others will make your work easier as you can extract valuable information out from others. So, next time be patient and let the person in front of you do the talking.

#4 Dont Switch Tasks often

Never try to do too many work in one time as it will not only decrease your attentiveness and creativity. Switching to various work at one specific time will reduce your ability to develop the presence of mind too. People often juggle between various tasks.

They keep themselves busy thinking about achieving different goals rather than performing on to them, eventually resulting in being inattentive for the task that was first taken into hands.

#5 No Emotional Backlog

One has to have a clear mind and clear heart to develop the presence of mind. Carrying the emotional baggage of the past or any personal grudges within you will never help you to rise in life.

Let go the bitterness in you and keep your personal problems away from your professional sphere. The emotional backlog in you will always stop you from focusing on your work, leading you to commit mistakes every now and then.

#6 Meditation is the Key

Meditation helps you in healing and rejuvenates both body and soul to get going in life. If you begin your day with meditation, you will surely be calm from within  and can cultivate presence of mind in better way.

#7 Pursue your Hobbies

Remember, the smile you once had in your childhood while painting or dancing with friends. Well, those were the things you probably enjoyed doing and found them relaxing. Try those activities again.

Go for your hobbies and see what wonder those activities may bring to your life while reducing your stress and worries.

#8 Relax, think & act Wisely

Work on handling your tensions cautiously. Find out what makes you more stressed out and then think of eradicating them from your life in a more positive way.

#9 Just be yourself

Don’t let the ego, envy and malice overshadow your inner strength and determination. Just be the way you are and sham down the negativity and fakeness in you to cultivate presence of mind. Follow your heart and listen to your instinct and you will reach the zenith of success.

#10 Let go of Perfectionism

Understand the fact that “Nobody is perfect.” We must focus on putting our 100% efforts in achieving our goals and leave rest to the destiny. Having high expectations from things will only lead to stress and sorrow.

So don’t think the outcome as you just can’t change it anyhow. Just give your best shot and move ahead.

Danish Wadhwa

Danish Wadhwa is a strategic thinker and an IT Pro, with more than 6 years of expertise in the digital marketing industry. He is one of the most inspirational bloggers and the founder of He Writes about productivity tools, Motivation and Lifehacks. Connect with him on Facebook to follow his motivational tips & productivity tools.