Prophet Kofi Danso Discusses Mental Health, Praying, and Meditation

Prophet Kofi Danso is the founder of Miracle Arena for All Nations and a long-term minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As an avid traveler that visited countless countries and helped millions of people, he works on spreading the message of love and hope. 

Having started his Toronto-based organization in 2011, it is now one of the largest of its kind in the world. In fact, rapid growth led to a formation of 18 branches that help convey his message all over the world. Prophet Kofi Danso also aims to interpret the bible for those seeking enlightenment and wonder how to direct their lives fruitfully. 

What do you think is the main reason why your listeners accept your messages wholeheartedly? 

Every time that I communicate with someone, I try to make all of my ideas relatable and simple. I do not aim to disarm my listeners with the complexity of my words nor try to depict abstract ideologies. Instead, I want them to fully comprehend what goes through my mind and gives birth to my thoughts. 

Fortunately, I discovered that this approach works very well many years ago. Since then, I have relied on it heavily and used it to improve the way in which someone receives my message. So, to answer your question, the way that I deliver my ideas is probably the main reason why people take them wholeheartedly. 

What is one of the more concerning issues in the society that you have been dealing with lately? 

Mental illness has really been on my mind as of late. I have witnessed many cases where society put a label of negative connotation on those suffering from such conditions. It is extremely unfair, and it may lead to a point where people are suppressing their true emotions due to a fear of potential judgment. My goal is to light a spark of confidence and bring those affected by mental illnesses out of the shadow. 

Doing so will make it much easier to address their issues and come up with actionable solutions. Even if there is no way to permanently heal someone’s condition, temporarily providing them with relief can be extremely beneficial. 

Is there something that people can do to elevate their spirit themselves? 

Absolutely. I believe in the power of praying as a tool that helps overcome every type of adversity in the world. The reason why I say that includes a number of factors and personal experiences. For instance, I use my prayers to talk to God and share all of my ventures. I also express my gratitude for everything that I have been given and show how I plan to repay. 

Moreover, I think that praying helps by simply allowing someone to hear their own thoughts. Often times, our primary reaction to something is a byproduct of emotions that we were feeling at some point. In order to avoid these types of biases, I think that praying loudly will help one re-create the situation and even change the way in which they react to something. Nevertheless, the fact that one gets to involve the highest power of them all should be enough to start utilizing prayers on a regular basis. 

Do you believe in a correlation between the body and the spirit? 

I think that there is definitely a clear-cut connection between someone’s spiritual and physical wellness. Nevertheless, I do not pretend to fully comprehend how or why that is. Generally, the connection tends to be in a direct relationship. Meaning, a downturn in someone’s health will also break their spirit. There is a benefit, however, to having a bond like this. If one’s spirit collapses when their body aches, they will also rebuild themselves up spiritually when physical injuries are healed. The same outcome should take place in a vice-versa scenario. 

Do you have any advice for people who want to mend both their spirit and body? 

Meditation is probably the most successful method of repairing the body and soul simultaneously. Although there are other alternatives, nothing brings the mind and muscles quite in-sync like meditation does. It allows one to focus on every single breath and let their body release the negative energy clouding their well-being. Additionally, engaging in meditation will help remove some of the stress that can be affecting judgment. Ultimately, even if none of these outcomes take place, using this ancient technique will simply work as a good way to stay active!



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